Coppell Veterinary Hospital - A full-Service Medical Facility for Cats and Dogs in Coppell, Texas
Coppell Veterinary Hospital
A Full Service Veterinary Medical Facility For Cats and Dogs

Coppell Veterinary Hospital is AAHA Accredited
Coppell Veterinary Hospital Voted Best by Big D Magazine
Coppell Veterinary Hospital - A full-Service Medical Facility for Cats and Dogs in Coppell, Texas

Coppell Veterinary Pet Dental Care


Regular dental cleaning of our pet's teeth is one way to extend their Life. Dental problems are just as painful for our pets as they are for us. Your pet cannot always tell you how he or she feels. Your pet will know the difference when you have their oral disease corrected. As an added benefit, you will not have to smell their bad breath.


Complete Dental Cleaning

We provide dental cleaning with the most up to date ultrasonic equipment. Cleaning is performed by a Registered Veterinary Technician with anesthesia being monitor by Dr. Stearman.

Dental X-rays

Less than 50% of all dental problems in dogs and cats can be identified without dental x-rays. This means that anyone doing dentistry without routinely using dental x-rays is missing more problems then he or she is finding. Dental x-rays are also necessary to be sure that no tooth root fragments have been left behind after a tooth is extracted.

High Risk Patients

We perform dental procedures on pets of all ages and with various serious medical conditions. Our anesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment are state of the art. We also have a dedicated anesthetist whose only task is to monitor the patient when under anesthesia.

Dental Charting

This allows us to tract changes in each individual tooth’s health so that we can take action before there is irreversible disease.

Nerve blocks for extractions

Just as your dentist uses novocaine prior to working on one of your teeth, we use the same drugs to reduce the pain your pet experiences from tooth extraction, periodontal work and any other dental procedure.


We perform surgical extractions of teeth that require removal due to trauma, infection or immune disorders.

Pain medication for painful procedures

As anyone who has had a wisdom tooth removed knows, it takes several days after an extraction for the pain to go away. That is why your pet should have pain medication for at least a few days after his or her extraction. We employ multi modal pain relief which is a systematic approach to controlling your pet’s pain.

Tooth brushing Demonstrations

Pets, just like us need regular dental care. It is best to brush your pet’s teeth after each meal in addition to routine professional cleaning. We will be happy to demonstrate how simple it is to brush your pet’s teeth. We realize that not all pets will tolerate this and we offer other home care options.

Dental continuing education

Dr. Stearman and Angie Best, RVT regularly attend continuing education classes on the topic of dentistry. Veterinary medicine is continually advancing and they want to bring the latest innovations to your pet.

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